Fitness required for the Stok Kangri Summit

Age: 14 min. and 50yrs, Beyond 50 we will need to validate the Trekker

Past experience in trekking:Useful.


Stok Kangri Summit requires the trekker to be in top physical condition before you start the trek. The temperature variations between the day & night vary anywhere between 15ºC. Hence it is very essential to have a fit body & mind.You must be able to jog 4.5 km in 30 minutes or walk continuously in 15º incline for atleast 1 hour.

LUNGS Push your lungs, Most critical work in any high altitude trek is of the LUNGS. They are at over work as they get very less oxygen & physical exertion will push them harder for 1.5 month prior to the trek.


  • Jogging in running tracks 1 hour a day
  • Pranayama 15 min a day

MUSCLES A well stretched & healthy muscles make the trek that much more easier. Focus on Legs, Back, Neck & Shoulder. 20min of focused stretching activities for 45 days will help.It determines the amount of movement your bones can make in any direction around joints such as shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.Stretching improves your posture and helps to prevent low back pain.


  • Suryanamaskara 10 to 15 Sets a day
  • Neck & Shoulder exercise
  • Lower back stretches
  • Hamstring & Quadreceps

Things to Carry

Backpack(55 65 L) with sturdy straps and supporting frame.Quechua Forclaz 60is a good choice.

Trekking shoes It gets really cold once the sun goes down and shoes are important to keep your feet warm. Ensure the shoes are well broken in before the trek.Since thistrek includes walking on snow it is recommended to wear water proof shoes wiith thick woolen / military socks. Forclaz 600and Woodlandare good choices.More expensive shoes are not really the answer to cold. Wearing 2 layers of woollen socks is the trick.

Note:You get military socks in Leh for Rs.100 to 125. They are the BEST products for this trek.

Sun glasses Sunglasses are mandatory for this trek, Curved ones will cover your eyes well. No blue coloured sunglass — they dont block UV. Blacks, greens, browns are fine. Avoid multi tone sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent snow blindness.. People who wear spectacles, choose one of these:

  2. If above is not possible, wear your spectacles and carry a big sunglass that can be worn over your spectacles.

Must Have – Trek Accessories

  • Trekking pole is mandatory
  • Spoon, glass &Tiffin Box,
  • Thermos water bottle
  • Headlamp with extra batteries

Must Have Clothing

  • Thermals / Body Warmers 2 Nos
  • Oversized Full TShirts with high neck & Track Pants (light weight) 2 / 3 Nos
  • Sweater / Fleece 1 Nos
  • Windcheaters 1 Nos + Down Jacket 1 Nos
  • Poncho + Rain Pant 1Nos
  • Socks 8 to 10 Pairs
  • Head Cap + Balaclave 1 Nos each
  • Hand Gloves Inner 1nos + Outer (waterproof) 1 Nos

Must Have Other accessories

  • Light towel (should be thin, quick drying kind)
  • A Sanitary Paper
  • Woolen head-scarf or muffler
  • Cold cream andsun screen lotion(SPF 40+)
  • Moisturizer

Must Have Medical Kit

  • Crocin 6 tablets
  • Avomine 4 tablets
  • Avil 25mg 4 tablets
  • Combiflam 4 tablets
  • Disprin 6 tablets
  • Norflox 6 tablets
  • Crepe bandage 3 to 5 meters
  • Band aid 10 strips
  • Digene 6 tablets
  • Gauze cloth 1 small role
  • Leukoplast 1 small roll
  • Cotton 1 small roll
  • ORS / Electoral 10 packets
  • Betadine or any antiseptic cream
  • Moov spray
  • Nebasulf/ Soframycine powder

Other Mandatory Instructions

  1. Medical Certificate format will be provided post enrolment
  2. Declaration & Disclaimer Form – will be provided post enrolment
  3. Plastic Bottles are STRICTLY prohibited
  4. Recommended bag weight is 7 to 8 Kgs
  5. 1 Govt ID Card is mandatory
  6. Burn Boundaries follows STRICT No Smoking / Alcohol policy